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" MDS " For Business Develop

Established in 2009 and working in the field of information technology, which serves the Gulf and Middle East region. We offer a full range of easy-to-use and affordable technical services such as e-commerce, software, multimedia and other services.

Our Goal: To provide business development solutions to our customers at the best prices and using the best modern technologies

How we work in MDS

What distinguishes us from other companies is our unique ability to accurately understand the requirements of Arab business activities. To manage and implement IT related projects  

Timetable for the project

Structure of division of labor
Estimation of implementation time
Estimating the cost of producing the project

Requirements analysis

Detailed scenarios of system properties
Software Requirements Specification - 

Collection requirements stage

Collect the general specifications of the system
Business Analysis  

Beginning Project

Meeting with the Client
Agreement on the main specifications

Quality Check

Test written documents to describe the system.
Advanced Application Testing  


Software Requirements Specification - 

Visual design

Initial frame interface design

Risk Planning

What problems should be prevented?
How can they be prevented?
How to deal with it in the event of it?  

Training and technical support

 Technical support and performance monitoring
Train customers on order management   

Project version

 Project metadata
Online Publishing  

Run the Project

Check the playback quality
Online Publishing
Test the client for the system  

Website Design

Graphic Design

Android Apps

Emaar Square - Bab Jeddah, Building No. 1 - Floor 4
Box 3017, Jeddah - 22241
Saudi Arabia

Contact US
Phone: 0126099700
Phone: 0126099766
Mobile: 0506336334