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Our Products

 We have many applications through which we provide new and advanced services The company's programmers and developers are constantly developing these applications To provide the best service to our customers


A platform specialized in managing real estate properties and organizing the relationship between the owner and the tenant by linking them in one program that serves them and facilitates them
Communication between them easily and easily
The platform performs a financial analysis of vacant, leased and sold real estate with collected and later values through a dashboard with a graphical interface containing requests, real estate and financial values


An online platform that connects independent individuals skilled in the field of information technology
And customers who want to take advantage of these services in the field of design, programming, photography, translation, Motion and many services provided via the Internet via a sophisticated and secure electronic platform, and the customer can also choose a service provider from many service providers
Registered after viewing samples of their work


When you need to save your broken down car on the road, the first thing you think about is calling the rescue winch service or the car pulling service - the winch application is the first application that works as a guide for all the rescue winches on the road in all of Egypt's provinces. The application to work without internet connection in the event of a toray

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