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So if someone asks which are the most popular soft drinks in the world?
Coca-Cola | Pepsi sure you will not miss Even if you are not a fan of this soft drink, because it is the most famous visual identity brand among international brands, these companies have positioned themselves by building a strong visual identity, enabling them to Continue to dominate the world of soft drinks thanks to its distinctive logo and different bottles and cans and large buses that roam the street to distribute beverages to stores and huge signs in the streets, refrigerators, rooted in the public awareness, they drink adventure, happiness, youth, and share moments with family and friends  It is available to everyone anywhere .
Do people buy Coca-Cola or Pepsi because of their delicious taste?
People buy Coca-Cola and Pepsi, not because it's a delicious drink The visual identity of the company is the most important part of building the brand, and aims to highlight the core values ​​of the brand so we will look at MDS on several secrets about the visual identity and its importance to your startup We work on a set of concepts and foundations that ensure you create a visual identity and a professional brand What does visual identity mean? The visual identity is the visual aspect of trademarks created by companies and includes anything visible from your brand such as logo design, fonts, images, color and any other symbols you use to convey your brand messages from business cards, printed materials (brochures, reports, flyers), banners, packaging, etc.
So building a brand for your business goes beyond the question of the logo, but it creates a visual identity, creates a personality for your brand and often confuses the brand with visual identity, but despite its close relationship, two different concepts of visual identity are the visual elements of the brand such as color And shape, etc.,. Your audience's view of your company as a whole revolves around the customer experience and vision of your business by dealing with marketing materials, products, services and even your team members. Your visual identity is an important factor to help customers remember and recognize your brand.It is essential that your visual presence effectively determines your brand.You will need a visual identity when launching a startup or updating an old visual identity.
Visual identity holds great benefits for your business. Global companies spend millions of dollars a year on developing, updating and visualizing their visual identities for consumers, thousands and even millions of visual identities for organizations around the world competing to attract consumer attention.
Defended teams and excellence in a crowded global market with giants, startups and competitors competing for customer satisfaction.
You will undoubtedly need something to prove you stand out from the crowd, and visual identity is at the top of the things that will ensure that you will be remembered by a distinctive visual identity. 60% of consumers prefer to shop from brands they already know.
That give your business a special place in the market Point to your profession?
You may be the best in your business, but you will only be more reliable with a visual identity that customers know and trust by developing a strong and professional visual identity that tells everyone in the market that you are not a beginner and that they can trust your business because your visual identity takes your business seriously, thus contributing to awareness of your brand. Visual Identity is a marketing tool that helps you connect with your existing customers and attract new customers by providing an unforgettable first impression even during your absence, helping to establish a relationship with them Know who your audience is You need to know who he is Before you start building a visual identity, what their gender, age, educational level, standard of living or lifestyle are, and what problems they are looking for, knowing this makes it easy for you to develop a professional identity that suits your tastes and helps you. To achieve success .

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