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Preparation of Feasibility Studies


One of the most important modern tools that will determine the success rate and the importance of the project, through a thorough study of all the main internal factors, factors and variables that are closely related to the working conditions and available possibilities, as well as the external circumstances surrounding the project, including competitors, economic and political conditions, And other social conditions. Elements of the feasibility study The feasibility study of all investment projects, regardless of their nature, consists of the following main elements: Marketing feasibility study, ie the possibility of promoting and marketing the outputs provided by the project. Technical feasibility study, including miscellaneous and other technical costs. Study the financial feasibility, carry out the relative financial analysis of the project, and determine the mechanism of repayment of loans. Social feasibility study. Environmental feasibility study.

Analysis of project sensitivity. Stages of preparing the feasibility study The stage of determining the objectives of the project, which consists in setting the main and secondary objectives primary and secondary that the project seeks to achieve. Preparation of the initial feasibility study, which consists in the development of initial ideas that would explain the reality initially, give a glimpse of the importance of the work, and serve as a pre-study of the detailed feasibility to be adopted later. Preparation of a detailed study of commercial profits, which includes several studies, led by each of the marketing study: conducted in order to estimate the demand for the products of the project. Technical Study: This includes estimating the costs that will be required to fully implement the project. Funding Study: Identifies the sources of funding and financial support that will move the work from the realm of ideas to the realities of implementation on the ground. Valuation: includes both financial as well as economic valuation, which will estimate commercial profits. Identify the expected economic profits: This requires the owners of the work to prepare an economic feasibility study, by resorting to the use of methods and tools for data analysis, which will lead to clear results on the validity of the project. Identify the mechanisms of implementation of the project, ie the identification of all stages through which all the tasks and functions required for the work will be carried out, which ultimately lead to the achievement of the desired objectives. The importance of preparing the feasibility study The feasibility study is of great importance at the level of various investments, and is the main benefits Contributes to ensuring the importance and soundness of decisions taken on new investments. Prevent major mistakes that result in heavy losses. Determines how important the ideas are. Lets know what alternatives are available. Identify marketing opportunities and how to exploit them

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