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Investment in information technology

At MDS, we offer investment proposals in the field of applications, websites and e-shops, while ensuring that feasibility studies are done professionally and providing technical advice before starting the implementation of IT-based projects within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the Gulf region and the Middle East. 10 years in this field

There is no limit to the investment opportunities in the ICT sector in the Gulf and the Middle East. The blending information society with the rapidly growing Arab economy makes Egypt, the Gulf region and the Middle East an ideal place to attract international investment in IT investment.

Egypt has some of the key elements that make it a future global digital corridor. Egyptian universities have produced hundreds of thousands of highly qualified telecommunications engineers over the past 60 years, along with a similar number of IT professionals since 1970. Egypt's geographical location at the crossroads between Africa, Asia and Europe gives it a great advantage in some manufacturing, distribution, outsourcing and transportation activities.

The Egyptian government has launched an ambitious investment program so that the state can realize its full economic potential and create job opportunities for youth, and then meet the aspirations of its people.

In line with the State's plans to achieve economic and social development through the transformation towards a digital society and the expansion of the field of exporting ICT services, MCIT presented a number of mega projects for investors at the conference of supporting and developing the Egyptian economy "Egypt Future" which started in Sharm Sheikh from 13-15 March

The Egyptian Economic Support and Development Conference presented investment opportunities to local and international investors in all key sectors including ICT, Oil & Gas, Energy, Housing, Transport, Logistics, Mining, Tourism, Industry and Agriculture. 

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